For 25 years, MTM established itself by crafting timepieces for the watch industry. Over those years, MTM team and the company founder and ex-military, kept his ear to the ground and was quick to respond to the needs of his peers still in service. When called upon, MTM developed a watch with an external and internal light in order to stealthily read maps at night or use as an emergency signal. That marked the creation of the Black Hawk, the first in a series of many highly acclaimed watches within this original brand: MTM Special Ops.

Forged in the past, designed for the present, MTM began as a response to the military's need for dependable, tactical gear. Authentic American brand, these timepieces are an integral blend of cutting edge design and precise American technology. With quality and durability to be trusted, the brand's proprietary design complications reflect the needs of the military, law enforcement, and Special Forces.

Engineered to withstand extreme conditions, crafted like an instrument, and designed with unparalleled accuracy, Special Ops Watches are built for action. Highly specialized since the beginning, MTM has produced timepieces that incorporate UV lights to detect blood unseen to the naked eye and a radiation detection device to chronicle exposure over time. It is this unique functionality that has carved an indelible niche in the industry.

The brand's precise engineering and innate sense of style launched MTM into unforeseen territory. In recent years, the timepieces transcended their original intent and crossed the line that often divides function and fashion. Meticulously crafted with a bold and sophisticated design, MTM watches are no longer worn solely by men in uniform. These modern and elegant timepieces have earned their place in the fashion world.

The watchmakers and engineers have stayed true to their original vision as the line continues to evolve. Still designed, developed, engineered and assembled in Los Angeles, MTM watches have effortlessly garnered both a celebrity and a global following. This US brand started small with innovation caused out of necessity, but with the freedom to go against the grain, and developed revolutionary technology and a stunning line of products.

Though MTM Special Ops Watches are envisioned for the soldier, the athlete, the modern adventurer, the weekend warrior and for men both faithful and daring, these sophisticated and timeless timepieces add an edge to any lifestyle.




Arnold Schwarzenegger - Sabotage Movie - Gray Cobra
Sabotage Movie


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gray Cobra


Josh Duhamel - Transformers - Black Patriot


Josh Duhamel

Black Patriot


Prince Felipe of Spain - Black Hawk
Royal Highness


Prince Felipe of Spain

Black Hawk


Shemar Moore - Criminal Minds CBS- Black Patriot
Criminal Minds CBS


Shemar Moore

Black Patriot


Kiefer Sutherland - 24 - Black Hawk


Kiefer Sutherland

Black Hawk


Jensen Ackles - Supernatural WB- Black Patriot
Supernatural WB


Jensen Ackles

Black Patriot



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New Predator 2 Model Available

MTM Recently Introduced The New Updated Version Of The Tried And True Predator Model. The New Model Is The Predator 2 … Available In DLC Black Finish Or Brushed Stainless Steel.

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MTM RAD At Work At Chernobyl

The MTM RAD was worn by Chuck Holden on a recent trip to Chernobyl where the disastrous meltdown of the reactor's core occurred a number of years ago. Even after almost 20 years have passed, the RAD detected a radiation level 200 times above the acceptable safe level.

MTM Features Merchant Center

For June 2014, MTM has added the additional search convenience of displaying 25 of their current models in the Merchant Center shopping category. When you search for watches, a convenient selection of MTM's line will be available for one click shopping.



MTM To Celebrate Independence Day

In Celebration Of The U.S. Independence Day, MTM Will Be Closed Thursday July 4th. We Will Resume Regular Business Hours Friday July 5th. Thank You.

Letter From A Soldier's Wife

Dear Sir; I have a phenomenal story I would like to share with you, and would be honored if you would read this letter in its entirety.

On September 20th, 2008, I received a phone call that my husband was injured in a terrorist bombing attack at the Marriot Hotel in Islamabad Pakistan. I will not include all the details of his story, there are many, but I would like to tell you about the ones that I feel would be most interesting to you.

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MTM Adds New Model

MTM announces the introduction of the Rose Gold-Tone Hypertec. This new and unique case finish is seldom found in this watch category. The Rose Golf-Tone Hypertec is a perfect fit for a category such as the Hypertec series.

MTM Exhibits At SHOT Show

MTM will be exhibiting several new models. Among the models to be introduced is the RAD … a one of a kind. Another recent addition to the collection, the Hypertec, is being updated to include a rose colored case to go along with the original three case finishes.

Testimonial Part 1

The following recent testimonials are from actual MTM Watch customers and are unsolicited examples of reviews of the most durable and innovative Military / Tactical Watches available today. There are hundreds more and they can be read by clicking on the archive links at the bottom of the page.

To Read Journalists' Reviews Of MTM Watches, Click Here.


The dry moments are few and far between. Shoot is going really well though. This movie is gonna be sick. Gotta say, I've gotten more compliments on this predator watch than anything I've ever worn. I absolutely love it. My 3 agents and lawyer all want one, and every actor on the movie LOVES it. Thanks again for the hook up. Would love to come see you guys again soon.

Josh Steward

Just wanted to let you know I received the watch on Monday and it looks great! Since I couldn't find where to provide my feedback, I thought I'd send you an email instead as I am ecstatic about your service and the quality of the product! Ordered on Friday night (local Australian time) and received it on Monday afternoon! This is quicker shipping than when I order items in Australia!!! Now to the watch… It looks and feels great. I was a bit concerned about the weight due to the reviews I read, but it feels extremely comfortable on my hand, no matter which strap I use (stainless steel, ballistic nylon or rubber). The watch itself is extremely well built, looks/feels sturdy and the size is just right.

I am especially pleased with the packaging, which is quite unique! The box/case is really funky, I wasn't sure if I was opening a watch case or something containing nuclear materiel J I like it a lot! All in all, I am very happy with the experience and the watch. I will be back around Christmas for another watch J.
Thanks and regards,

Milos Reljin

I bought the Titanium Black Warrior a little over two years ago at this location. First off, the watch is great. It's a classic design with some very useful features. For example, the titanium alloy makes this watch deceptively light. I went in originally with the intention of buying the black steel version but when I tried the titanium one on, there was a noticeable difference in weight. I upgraded myself on the spot. Also, the tritium lighted dials and hands make this watch easily visible in pitch black environments like movie theaters. I use it as my all day/everyday watch and it has taken a beating without a problem.

My experience with the service has been equally great. I've gone in twice to have some links taken out of the titanium band to make it fit my wrist a bit more snugly. Both times they helped me out free of charge. I was in and out of there with a few minutes.

Today they really showed me some excellent customer service though. The watch needed some repairs. I was a little too rough with it this time. It turns out that the warranty had expired a few weeks ago and they could have easily given me some song and dance about having to pay for service. Not only did they not charge me, they also pressure tested it and took off another link at my request. All within a matter of minutes.

While I waited, I looked around the showroom and drooled at the other models. I wound up purchasing the optional black neoprene band. They installed it on the watch for me as well. Free of charge.

Every time I've been there, they have gone above and beyond. I never feel like I'm being "sold" anything or being nickeled and dimed in there. Also, the staff is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable about their product line.

Now if I could only afford the Sandblast Gray Cobra

Joe F. Brea, CA. on Yelp ! Five Stars *****

I first saw their watches in a magazine in 2012, and went to their location in down town LA to check it out. The staff is very nice and professional and their watches are amazing!!! I bought the Air Strike model, which is awesome and gets a lot of compliments. Since I got a three year warranty with my purchase, when I went a back there for some adjustments, they also replaced the battery and had the strap washed at no charge ! Vicky at the front desk knows her product very well and took a good care if me.

I'm definitely recommending their product to everyone who knows to appreciate a high end professional watch.

Thank you MTM staff, keep up the good work !!!

Omri O. Los Angeles, CA. on Yelp ! Five Stars *****

I have been wearing a Special Ops watch for the past 7 years and have loved it. It's worn, scratched, dirty, obviously used and I wouldn't trade it for a Rolex! It has hundreds of skydives, numerous Dives, miles of ATV and Motorcycle riding, 70,000 + rounds fired, and has Never Failed to keep accurate time. Do you have a parts department that I can order band repair parts? Do you offer refurb services? Thanks for a quality product.

Daniel Packard

To whom it may concern: I purchased my Titainum Warrior while serving in Iraq. This watch has served me well for five years I would like information on a “factory tune up” The watch has never failed me,it has maintained correct time (to the second) since day one. However the normal wear and tear got to it and it need some cleaning and maintains.

SFC Charles Clark Jr

Hello, I have one of your Titanium Black Hawks, Serial number: WT0724. This watch has survived, faithfully for two deployments to Afghanistan with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, Weapons Co, Scout Sniper Platoon. As a Scout Sniper, this watch was very faithful, and it was put through some rough times. and after all these years of obvious I have some questions about repair of the watch strap, can I simply just order a set of new screws so I still use this watch without having to retire it?

Matt Ellis

I have a Patriot that my wife bought me when I was deployed in Iraq in 2007-2008. I also took it to Afghanistan in 2010-2011. It is by far the most rugged watches I have ever owned. About a year ago I accidently put it in the washer. It came out clean and still ticking. I would like to send it in for evaluation and testing if possible. I have no issue with the watch just want to make sure there is no damage to gaskets. this watch means a lot to me as I wore it through and IED and a few firefights while serving as an Infantryman.

Patrick J Petitto

My Blackhawk is without a doubt, the best watch I have ever had. It has taken a beating and still practically looks new. I have now acquired a new Predator watch too. Thanks for the help and a great product!

Brad Bieber

I received my Silver Vulture last week, wow, what a watch. I have a really nice Seiko Perpetual Kinetic that I never could get used to wearing. The Vulture I cant take off. I find myself always staring at it, even when I dont need the time. And Im constantly playing with the light modes. I want to say to that I have had several inguiries and praises. My Seiko may be mostly retired to its box in my closet. Anyway, thanks for a great time piece.

Sincerly, David A. Vest

Just received my MTM Hypertec today…Fit, finish, and build quality are excellent. big, solid, well built case with quality swiss movement. This is a fantastic looking watch. shipped promptly and arrived as advertised. even arrived already set to EST with time and correct date. The ultimate military style field watch. I am proud to add this watch to my collection. Thank you.

Aric Conto

Testimonial Part 2


I had recently purchased a Black Patriot Orange Dial Titanium watch from you L.A. showroom. It was impressive how the titanium model is so much lighter than the steel one. Equally impressive is the watch's construction, design and appeal. I had a difficult time deciding which one to get at first as each one of the models was equally appealing. I went for the Black Patriot with the burnt Orange Dial Titanium model as I found the orange dial with the chronos and metal band very eye-catching. The staff were very knowledgeable in answering my questions and patiently helped me with the sizing of the band to custom fit my wrist. I love wearing this watch, it feels comfortable on my wrist, it's dependable and sturdy and most of all it looks awesome.

Aurvel, Yorba Linda, CA

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with my new Black Warrior. Hands down the nicest watch I have ever owned. A repeat customer for life. MTM is the best watch for your dollar without question!

Mark Matkovich

I am the owner of my own tactical training and consulting company in the Midwest… Blackfox Tactics. I am also a proud owner of one of your fine watches and own every band for the watch. I have been amazed by the quality of the product and of your customer service. I would like to post a link to your site from the (Link) section of my companies site. I do not link sites or products unless I’ve owned and can testify to the product. I also do not link sites without permission. Please reply to this email. I would be more than happy to send your fine company some additional business.


Curt Fox

Great watches by the way, I wear my Titanium Blackhawk on a daily basis plus through one tour in Afghanistan and every jump I’ve made to date. It has held up wonderfully! Aside from a couple scratches it looks almost new. Also, saying a charge is good for two months is being really nice. I charged mine once before a six-month trip, once while on the trip, then right before I came back and never had any problems, used the light at least once a day!

Justin Nikodem

Thank you for providing such great customer service. I needed to send in my watch for repairs, your team member called me within 48 hours and confirmed my details and explained to me how I can send the watch in for repair. I have now received the watch and your team has repaired everything and the watch looks brand new. Thank You MTM for the great after sales service. Keep up the good work and quality and I will be coming back for a new watch as long as you produce them.

…Shenan Goonewardene

Just want to thank you guys for such a fantastic product. I purchased a predator off you guys nearly two years ago. I have been away on operations and have found the watch to be the best piece of kit I have had the pleasure to own. It is strong, sturdy corrosion resistant and the strap didn’t rot from prolong wearing and not being able to clean lol, unlike other watches I have had in the past where the strap has rotted through just after a few weeks in the humidity. I thank you again for such a fantastic product.


I’ve been a watch collector for many years now. I tend to steer towards heavier/tough watches. I’ve worn out my fair share of “tough watches” during training exercises and daily work. My company provides tactical training and consulting for Law Enforcement, Military, and Business Professionals. I’ve owned your “Black Patriot” watch for several years now and it is built like a tank! I constantly get comments on the watch and I always send them your way. This is by far the best watch I’ve owned. I plan on purchasing other models in the future.

Owner/Director of Training

I purchased a silver warrior about a year ago AAA+++ fantastic watch. I would be interested in another the silver stryker but I want a metal band either stainless ot titanium can you do this? Thanks

Ray Harp

Couple years ago I purchase a Thunder Hawk Stainless Steel Band from you guys (great piece of machinery). Two months ago I was involved in a car accident and luckily the watch absorbed part of the impact and I did not lose my left hand. But the steel band got scratched very deep. I’m looking for a steel band to replace mine. Do you guys sell them? Let me know. Thanks

Luis A. Ortiz

I’ve been a proud owner of the Black Patriot for about 2 years now. I’ve owned several more expensive brand watches Omega, Hamilton, etc. This watch is the highest quality watch I have owned. Coming from someone who pays strict attention to detail, that is saying a lot! Not to mention, the watch is built like a tank. Which is important in my line of work and play. Im a Missouri State Trooper and an avid Scuba Diver. The watch never leaves my wrist.Recently, the minute hand on the chronograph began resetting at 3 minutes before the zero mark. This, was obviously a problem. I contacted the company. The associate was friendly and helpful. I mailed the watch in and within less than 2 weeks, I had my watch fixed and returned to me. Excellent product & excellent service!! That’s hard to find anywhere these days. …Tpr. W. C. Fox

Sincerly, Missouri State Highway Patrol “In Omnia Paratus”

I have purchased a Black Hawk directly from your company about 3 years ago and just wanted to let you guys know that I love my watch, but better than that, I have had a couple issues through the years… like bands and screws and your service is second to none. If I call with a small problem, within just a few days, you all have the parts needed delivered to my door. I just wanted to say thanks and pass on some good feedback. I think your products are great and better than that your service is incredible. Again thanks for everything. Oh, and by the way your watch is the only thing I have ever owned to withstand the beating I receive in an Abrams tank. Much appreciated.


I purchased your special ops black hawk watch just over five years ago and absolutely love it. is it possible to buy the black steel band?

Paul DeGeorge

I have a Predator that I received as a gift several years ago. While working on the roof, I got the watch band hung up on the ladder, breaking the band and sending the watch to the ground. If not for my clumsiness, it still would be 100%. Anyway, the band broke and the watch fell approx 15 ft. to the pavement. It only put two chips in the crystal at the 10 and 3 o’clock positions. Everything else is still amazingly working… I wear this watch every day and miss having it on my arm. It also takes a butt load of abuse and has never failed me once. Thanks for making such a wonderful watch.

Michael Ferrado

I have over 40 watches with values up to $150,000 US. The titanium Blackhawk I just purchased from you is the best constructed watch in my collection. The band construction alone is almost beyond belief for a watch. I consider the watch to be very nearly perfect in it’s current state.


Robert Zachte

Outstanding watches. I was in a military course with a friend of mine from the Brazilian Marines Commando who owns a MTM watch. I saw the watch take a lot of punishment, and how the light was perfect at night, etc.. So I have two questions: 1) Do you take orders from overseas and ship? and 2) Do you make special offers for large purchase for my unit?

Christian Hingst

I’m obsessive about the exact time. My MTM Spec Ops is the most accurate watch I’ve ever owned. It gains one second every five months. I dumped a Rolex because it was losing 15 seconds a week. I used to check with NIST weekly. Now I only do so every 6 months or so. it’s the best watch I’ve ever owned. I’m going to give one to my nephew when he graduates artillery training later this year.

…Thomas Kennedy

You can add U.S. Marshals Service to the list of folks that wear your watches. We bought some Black Warrior a couple of years ago and we love it.

Paul Joanos.

I have the Thunder Hawk Titanium that I purchased 5 years ago. I wear this watch every day and use it in my job as a Secret Service agent assigned to former Pres. Bush in Houston. As a Secret Service agent, this watch has come in so useful and has helped me in my duties so many times. It enhances my job! The warranty on my watch is now expired. do you have any type of extanded warranty program, just in case ?

Thanks, Kevin.

I currently own an older Thunder Hawk about 5 years old, and I managed to break the pin that holds the metal band to the watch. Can I order just that piece from you or do I need to send the watch in to you for repairs? That watch made it through Iraq with me, and I was wearing it when an EFP blew the back off of my M1114. You guys make a superior product, and thank you for that.

Thanks, Mark.

I have almost every model of your watches and I can say that they are of the utmost quality and craftmanship, as you can see by my purchase history! I have a Vulture in all black and I like to get the silver one. My question is. when will you be getting it back in stock ?

Brian J. Gedeon, M.D.

I am a proud owner of your now discontinued Seal Squad Divers Watch. It is by far the very best watch that I have ever had the privilige of owning and wearing. I have been accosted several times for wearing this watch. People will come up to me on the street and ask to see it. I have had this watch for just about two years now and it has stayed strong, my only concern is the battery. Once the ten years is up and the battery needs replacing, will your company still replace the battery even though the watch has been discontinued?

Sincerly, SGT Thomas Anderson

I would like to thank MTM service department for your prompt, professional and courteous response to my request. My band is repaired and my watch is operational again. Thanks very much,

John Raszcewski

Thanks! I bought my first mtm watch will on my second tour in Iraq. I am never without a watch, so I have been through my fair share. Daily life for me seems to destroy a watch easily, but my current mtm has handled absolutely everything with no problem. Even the metal band AND the pins that hold it on have been superb, I even ordered the rubber strap for a backup as I did not expect this one to last, but that was a waste, it has never been on the watch. In a few months before my next tour I will order a new one, different model, and I look forward to it. Thanks again, quality is sometimes hard to find.

Ashel T Hartin

I bought a warrior(black) about 2 years ago from your site and can’t be more pleased with it. I’m looking into buying the Vulture in black with the rubber band and was wondering when exactly it will be out and the price tag its going to have? Thanks again.

Dan Vacirca

I am currently deployed to Baghdad Iraq with the 64th CSAR and we are about ordering some watches. We ordered a lot from a different brands and most of our people are not happy with the product we have been ordering. I’ve heard good things about MTM and been told you back your product up and stand by them. I’m setting up an order. our supervision is requesting GSA products info. If at all possible would you please email me ? Thank you for your time.

Gregory Arnold. USAF/64th EHMU/CSAR

I am really enjoying wearing your Vulture watch and would like to get another band as soon as humanly possible. I’ve had the Hawk for many years and having the Vulture with a date and those bright lights is something I do not want to go without for long! Thanks very much.

John Hoving. A Vulture Man!

Hi I purchased a MTM thunder hawk with steel strap………from you while i was on holiday in Florida in June 2005……this is the best watch I have ever had….I wear it whilst on duty in the police and get many comments from colleague….as a result quite a few of them have since purchased the thunder hawk watch….recently my charger has stopped working I have had to borrow my friends charger once a month for the last two months….I notice it states on advertistment that the watches are warranted for three years. is the charges also guarantee for three years?

Lee Parry

I purchased this watch and have to say it’s the best watch I’ve ever owned!!! It was trust worthy during my deployment in Iraq and still is now on the streets of Chicago. Regards.

J. Guerra

Wow! I just received my watch in 4 days since ordered. That was a cross border shipment to Toronto Canada, during the holiday season! Not to mention the quality of the watch far exceeded my expectations. I only had it for a week and recieved numerous compliments on the time piece. Thanks.

Michael Di Girolamo

Talk about CUSTOMER SERVICE – HOLY XXXX! You are the BEST – make sure the Boss gets this email. If you have a testimonial page. Point me to it.

Timothy Turek

“We’ve all seen the full-page ads wit the cool looking watches that are supposedly the latest, greatest attire for the special operations community… I have to say that it’s [Thunderhawk] probably one of the best watches I have ever owned… In my opinion, you may be able to buy a cheaper watch, but you wont find a better one.”

Jeff Randall in S.W.A.T. Magazine Jan. ’09.

I have a patriot watch that i purchased in 2005, it is by far the best piece of gear i have ever owned.

Chad Goodwin

I used your Black Patriot watch for 15 months in Iraq. Really enjoyed it. Frankly, I was very hard on it in my duties as a PSD shooter, de-mining and EOD, and just everyday wear and tear in a war zone. . It is the best watch I’ve ever owned!! Thanks

MAJ Scott Allen

I was recently on a trip, and lost the charger for my blackhawk. Just wondering where do I send the money to get a new charger? Big thanks to the MTM crew, for having the best customer support I’ve ever seen.

Epi Resendez

I recently purchased a Black Hawk and I am impressed by its beauty and functionality in addition to the service provided by MTM. The watch itself also draws some attention and many colleagues, friends and patients asked me about its origin etc. No doubt a second purchase will follow.

Kind regards, Ronald M.A. Henry PhD MD

I just wanted to say thank you. I recently sent my watch in for repair. You provided very prompt service and fixed it for no cost. I got it back today and it looks great. This type of customer service sets you apart from most companies. Thanks again and I look forward for your next creation that I will not be able to live without.

Dave Stull

I am very impressed with my Blackhawk Spec Ops Watch with the ballistic velcro band. It’s very well-designed, versatile and very rugged. It is a well crafted timepiece that makes a statement in the boardroom and in the field. As an avid mountain biker and outdoors man, it has been my first choice to take with me on my trips as I know it is a reliable watch which can withstand the elements and built tough. It has exceeded my expectations and I would gladly get another MTM Spec Ops Watch in the future. Thank you!

… Al Isago Parvez, CEO & Representative Director of Advance Inc. Tokyo, Japanb

I currently own a Black Hawk, Thunder Hawk, and black Predator and plan to purchase more of your MTM watches. I also own many other popular name brand watches and I can say that my favorites are my MTM watches. The build quality and appearance of your MTM watches are outstanding. They are dependable and accurate watches. When I order a watch (three so far) from MTM, delivery is extremely fast. When I have called MTM with order or technical questions, customer service has been excellent. You have taken the time to address any questions I have had in a professional and honest manner. This is a rare quality these days. I’m looking forward to my next MTM watch purchase from you.

George Dalke

Just wanted to let you know that I received by Black Patriot and it is even better than I had hoped for. Even the packaging is outstanding and you can tell the quality of the watch just by holding it. Your customer service people were FANTASTIC as they needed to call me. (I wish I had written their name down) As a retired Toronto Police officer I wish I had this watch 30 years ago. First class all the way!!!

Bruce Smollet

I received a Blackhawk watch for my birthday two years ago. While I’m no special forces operator, I can say that few watches can handle the abuse I give them maintaining the 5th fleet’s aircraft. eventually the band itself has taken a beating. Could you provide me with information for new titanium band

Very Respectfully AM2 Oliver Bernal

I had to write you and tell you about how your watch saved me from losing an arm. I am currently in Baghdad working for the State Department. We protect American Diplomats as they travel into the Red Zone. When I was getting ready to come over here, my wife surprised me with an MTM Blackhawk. At that time I was only marginally aware of your company; and thought(but didn’t tell her) “Oh great another “tactical” company. Well needless to say I have grown pretty impressed with the watch. Anyway; about a week ago we were on venue outside the Karada Bank. As we were loading our principles a shot rang out and I felt a jolt in my left arm like an electric shock…very painful. As we punched out of there I kept reporting that I thought I was hit. My whole arm was in pain, except from the wrist down where I was numb. Well to make a long story short apparently I was shot in the watch! A team-mate told me he “saw my hand explode in a puff of smoke”. While the watch was blown up apparently whatever it is you make them out of was so strong it took most of the shock, saving my arm. The only reason I am able to type this is because you make your watches truly “combat tough” family and I thank you


I’d like to comment on how much I love my new Black Hawk Titanium watch! I was a little wary buying it online, but once it arrived, I knew I would never return it. This is a very fine product and I will recommend it to all of my friends interested in watches. I am seriously contemplating buying another MTM watch, likely the Black Vulture or Black Seal. Please keep up the great work! Best Regards.

… Matt Beaton

I am very impressed with my Blackhawk Spec Ops Watch with the ballistic velcro band. It’s very well-designed, versatile and very rugged. It is a well crafted timepiece that makes a statement in the boardroom and in the field. As an avid mountain biker and outdoors man, it has been my first choice to take with me on my trips as I know it is a reliable watch which can withstand the elements and built tough. It has exceeded my expectations and I would gladly get another MTM Spec Ops Watch in the future. Thank you!

… Al Isago Parvez, CEO & Representative Director of Advance Inc. Tokyo, Japan

Good day,I purchased a MTM SPECIAL OPS WATCH about 2yrs ago and i am very pleased with it and i get plenty of complements from it and have referred many people to your site.I have a minor gig though,I am working in Iraq and for the first time since i have had the watch like a knuckle head i plugged the charger into a 240v outlet without using my converter and fried the converter,now i have no way to charge it the watch what do i have to do to get another one.? thanks

… Ken [knucklehead] Painter.

Testimonial Part 3


I own one of your Special Forces Patriot watches, which I purchased in December 2005. I am a national guard soldier as well as a law enforcement officer and finding a watch that can take a beating was difficult until I purchased your watch. I have been extremely happy with it as I am now completing my second depolyment with the guard. However during this deployment the battery died and I replaced it after receiving a battery from home. I have not had any issues with the watch, however I would like to send the watch in for servicing and did not know if that could be done. as I love this watch and enjoy wearing it. Sincerely Yours,

…SFC John Gessner

Two summers ago I bought a Black Hawk (neoprene strap) watch from you. It has been a great watch. It quickly replaced my Rolex GMT II as my favorite watch. It keeps great time, it is comfortable, practical and useful. I like the light features. I do not abuse the watch so I have not really tested it. Not a “hard” user. I have gotten into the habit of charging the battery every 5-6 weeks. Great product. Totally functional. I am an ex-marine officer (4 yrs) and DEA agent (21 yrs). This would have been a great watch for both jobs.

…Bradley R Reed

Hi guys, Just want to pass on a comment about your watches and my recent experience. I have had the Titanium Thunderhawk for over five years now. As a police officer in Australia, this watch has stood up against bouncing off concrete, smashed against hard objects and anything else that has been thrown against it whilst dealing with violent offenders. This watch is simply amazing. Recently one of the lug screw pieces holding the body of the watch to the band finally gave out. I emailed your company to enquire as to replacement parts. Within two days I received a phone call (from the USA to Australia) from a very pleasant rep advising me that the parts would be posted for free and I would only be requested to pay for postage. Your customer service is as fantastic as your watches. In short, thanks very much for your great product and even greater customer service. I will be a customer for life. Regards,

…Matt Littlepage

I ordered a Patriot watch from you last week it already arrived. Let me say the watch is awesome, I couldn’t believe my eyes it looks exactly like the image on your site. Let me tell you many thanks and I would buy a lot more watches from you from now on. Thank you very much!

…Jan Mcdowell

I absolutely LOVE your watches. Im a pilot in the air force. Own the Black Patriot. Its certainly the best watch I’ve ever had. Convinced a few other guys in my unit to get them. Question is, I was climbing out of my mrap and the watch got snagged on the door. nothing happen to the watch, but on one side, one of those pins seem to come out. Can u send me one of those silver pins?

…Stephen Warren

I just received the repaired watch and thank you for the time and effort put in to the rehab of the watch. Great job and I really appreciate it! Best regards and thank you very much.

…Michael J. Woods

My watch arrived today, as you promised. I want to express my thanks not only for your taking on the personal matter at a very busy time, but for doing as you said you would to repair my watch. For all I can tell, this is a brand new watch…it sure looks like it, band and all. So, many thanks. We all get attached to our special watches and, I must tell you that the MTM remains my all time favorite, despite my owning, at one time or another, watches that cost a great deal more. Perhaps we’ll see you at SHOT SHOW next year. If so, I owe you nothing less than a beer. Best wishes,

… J. J. Stives COL USA

I love this watch! I have the orange face titanium black warrior great looking watch. Thank you for making a very nice time piece for the working man.

… Sotero Delgado

I received my watch back from repair a week or so ago and am very happy. I sent it in to have the catch repaired and also to check the time. When I opened the box, I thought that I had a new watch, it looked pristine. The band had shown some wear, now it looks brand new to me. The watch doesn’t seem to be gaining time now, I have checked it several times against one of my atomic clocks and so far so good.Thank you so much for taking care of this for me.

…Tom Lea

I have a quick question but I want to start with a compliment. I have a Black Patriot with a steel band for about 4 years now and it is hands down the best watch that I own. I wear it almost everyday and I have received compliments from strangers on several different occasions. I am a huge fan and think that you make an excellent timepiece. I would like to know if all the additional bands you sell are compatible with your different watch models. I am thinking about purchasing one of the ballistic bands and want to make sure that it will fit the Black Patriot without any additional hardware.

… Aaron Korora

I have bought a vulture titanium watch about 2 years ago. Best watch. I have (5 Rolex’s, 1 Brietling and one MTM Vulture). How can I buy a spare charger for my Vulture watch?

… Michel Black

I own the “Vulture Silver” Titanium watch and I absolutely love it! I was in a building ,( a storage unit and suddenly all lights went out and everybody panicked. I simply said not to worry I have a flash light available. i then turned on the light on my watched and the people were laughing and grateful for my watch. They asked where i got it and wanted one. Hopefully they will buy one.

… Eydie Bowman

Yes I purchased a watch from you guys in 2005 during my first tour in Iraq I’ve had it ever since, and three tours later it’s working like new. thanks MTM for the fine products

… Mathew Rossiter

Just wanted to drop a line to says thanks. I had already purchased a Gray Falcon Sandblast, and I just could not resist the Silver Vulture with rubber band. So I ordered it too, last month. Great service. Got the watch in two days and it is beautiful. I love both my MTM’s and have been proudly showing them off. It is hard to decide which one to wear, but that is a great problem, not a bad one. Thanks again for the good service. Sincerely

… Wes Scott

I’ve been looking into buying another MTM watch for you. I have been looking at both the Black Falcon and the Patriot. I was hoping you could explain to me the differences between them, so that I might make a more informed decision. On behalf of my friends and I in the special operations community, thank you for making such an excellent time piece

Sincerely, …Sean McCabe.

I received my Falcon 1 month ago and had more comments on it than my Rolex or Breitling. Excellent quality time piece. Thanks again for the professional discount and fast delivery.

… Burke Roberts.

I was working a Homeland Security /EOD assignment in London for about 2 weeks in November 2010. I was on the train where we had a power outage in the city of Strood. This occurred late at night and there were no lights whatsoever. I got on foot and used my intensity lights on my MTM Vulture watch to get through a tunnel, it amazing and very useful when I needed it; where about 8 others followed me.

… Police Lieutenant Anthony Abuan.

My Marine Corps Buddy purchased a Hawk serial #060156, and presented it to me at an annual Platoon reunion in what I’m fairly certain was ’05. This watch has been on my wrist ever since…..and has seen it’s share of action. I am bound and determined to keep it in it’s original condition. the watch is still functions very good, however the crystal has been scratched and I’ve worn the band down. I am hoping that there is some way to have it refurbished. It is by far the toughest timepiece I’ve ever owned, and I plan on having it for years to come.

… … Semper Fi, Sgt. M. Sawyer …Kansas Dept. of Corrections

The falcon is the nicest watch I’ve ever owned and I’ve had a lot of them. the weight is great the way it lights up it blow my ROLEX out of the water

… Dennis Miresse

I just receive my watch from the repair and my I AM IMPRESSED with the service! You guys repaired the watch and also cleaned it up. I am in love with this watch and your service!

… Jeffrey Tran

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love my watch!!! It is a Blackhawk with Ballistic Velcro and it is fantastic. Thanks so much!!!

… Ron Haydon

I get complements on this watch all the time. Best watch I’ve ever owned in my life. I’ve been in Law enforcement for 21 years and still working. This watch has saved me more than I can count over the past 4-5 years. You make a hell of a watch. Keep up the outstanding work!!!

… J.Fox – Dekalb County Police.

My husband is a surgeon and uses his MTM Falcon watch all the time because it has a strong light from it. excellent product

… Kristin Vega

I own one of your watches and want to say it has been the best watch I have owned. Being a law enforcement officer and a national guard soldier who deployed to Iraq and now leaving soon for Afghanastan I am glad for the watch. I was wishing to replace the rubber band. I was wondering if the neoprene band in black would be a better band. Thanks again for the great watch and your assistance

…John Gessner

I received my new Vulture watch today and I must say, WOW! Nice job and thank you!

… Jhon Nelson

Your company makes the best watches, hands down. I’ve had mine since OIF 3, 2005, and it hasn’t failed me yet. An entire combat deployment with it in the Sunni Triangle, and not even a scratch! Countless IED’s, fire fights, mortar attacks, and this bad boy is still as tough as the day I got it. You have a life-long customer in me.

… James Elmer

I own just about every model of watch you make. I just got my new Vulture and I’m just so very impressed with the heavy duty quality of the watch. I’ve beaten the heck out of these watches and they’ve never even gotten a scratch! The design, quality, and workmanship, are unmatched. Keep up the great work and I look forward to purchasing more of your products in the future. I have an Omega and Mont Blanc watch that are still not as high of quality as your line. I wear a MTM watch every day. I can’t say enough about the quality and especially the durability. The casing coating doesn’t even scratch–even when I’m in the sand. I’m just so very impressed! I would pay twice the price for your products–easily! They are worth every penny. Thank you and keep up the great work and designing

… Brian J. Gedeon, M.D.

Please accept this as my thanks and highest recommendation for your Predator series watches.I purchased my Black Predator some two years ago and could not have been more pleased with its performance, durability, and reliability. Being in law-enforcement for close to 20 years, I’ve gone through a whole laundry list of work quality watches. Yet none has offered a “complete” package like the Predator for performance and looks as well. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical after reading some blogs regarding the customer service at MTM, but when I ran into a glitch, I had replacement screws delivered in less than a week after placing the request via email. At a time where every penny counts, my MTM purchase was worth every cent! I look forward to adding another to my collection.Keep up the outstanding work and thanks again!

… Roger Reguera

I just wanted to tell you thank you for making an outstanding watch and one that is extra tough. The reason I am saying this is that while I was on patrol in Afghan, our patrol was hit by an IED and the scrap metal from it hit me and 2 others. A piece of scrap metal had hit my hand and if it was not for the watch I would have lost my hand completely. So due to the toughness of the watch, it saved my hand. The watch did not make it, but saving my hand was worth the loss of the watch. The watch was a Black Warrior that my wife gave me just before I deployed in May. Keep up the great quality of the watches

… Yours, SSG Duane Pharr

Just a note of thanks, i called last week seeking a replacement part for my MTM Silencer.Something simple and as treated just like i was making a watch purchase.The call was handled promptly and with great speed. Parts came today just as i was told they would.This is the second time i’ve had to order parts and was handled the same way the first time. I’m proud to say that i own 3 of your awesome watches and am hoping that you all have some new models coming soon! I sure would not mind adding to my collection!Thanks for the great service and hope to see some new stuff soon!Please keep up the customer service,it’s a welcome change from some of the other watch company’s out there.(not to mention any names here) , Thanks Again

… Mark Baird

Had the great pleasure of initiating contact with MTM a couple months ago via the “contact us” page on their website. Within an hour I had a response email from representative! After several emails and phone calls with members of their team I was completely impressed with their outstanding level of customer service – and I didn’t even own one of their watches yet! Every question was answered in detailed proficiency and they even inquired as to my background and history, showing perfected sales skills and rapport. I spent 21 years as a US Marine, serving in everything from an Embassy Guard to a Company 1stSgt for an infantry unit in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom II in 2004. The special ops line drew my attention immediately. I researched their products on internet and needless to say I was very impressed by both personal and professional reviews of their timepieces. In August 2010 I selected their prestigious Silver Titanium Vulture due to its lightweight, light features, and professional “dress” appearance. I wanted a rugged watch that could not appear out of place while in business dress attire. I have been extremely impressed with this watch since purchase and will not take it off for anything now! It arrived fully charged with the correct date and time for my region. The only challenge was in sizing it for my wrist. I would now like to payback my appreciation by promoting their products to every military and law enforcement individual I know! Employees of MTM – Fantastic job in ever facet of customer service, sales, and such a quality watch!!! I look forward to a great relationship and many years with this truly outstanding Titanium Vulture on my arm!

Semper Fidelis !! Brendan J Fitzgerald 1st Sgt USMC (Ret)

I am a 20 year officer, currently assigned as the Tactical Medic Officer for NTF GTF BSI HNT and SRT operations. I had a Hawk Spec Ops watch for 8 years. My brother, a former US Navy SEAL, and now a 15 year veteran of the US Customs, has had your Patriot watch for many years, and loves it. I was looking to purchase your Black patriot with the steal band for $550.00. Do you have government pricing?

Professionally …Jonathan Baxter.

Hello, I recently purchased a black vulture watch from you guys and I have to say that it is an awesome watch, I can see the precision design you put into these watches, anyway I have been using it a lot at night and wanted to test how long would the battery last if I left the ultraviolet light on for a couple of hours, my battery lasted 12 hours straight until the red warning light started to flash, even then I turned off the light and after a couple of minutes of the watch being off I tried turning the ultraviolet light on again and it still turned on for another 32 minutes until the red light flashed again, anyway I’m very happy with my watch! your loyal customer

…Miguel A. Medina.

MTM is a great company to deal with! Customer service is the best! and the Dark Ops Black steel warrior I ordered arrived and I was astounded, the great reviews doesn’t give it justice until you see and wear it in person! Thank you MTM for making a great watch!

…Kraig M.

I purchased one of your Warrior watches back in November, 2008, while stationed in Iraq. I have since returned to the USA and started working with my old Police Department. I have enjoyed your product and I have told every one I know to purchase one. Thank you for making such product.

…Larry WIlson

A few months ago I purchaser an MTM Silencer watch from your company. I must say that, at first, I thought that the $600 plus price tag a bit expensive, but after wearing my watch for nearly 8 month I now think that the watch was worth every penny. The vibrating alarm is outstanding! Due to years of weapons training and aircraft noise, I have lost most of my high frequency hearing and I am unable to hear “beep” alarms but the vibrating alarm works great!I have had a lot of positive comments about my MTM and I recommend you guys to all my friends. I have even loaned my catalog to a few people. Thanks for a great product!

… John M. Snyder U.S.M.C.

Dear sir I bought one of you black hawk watches last November and I am very happy with t.I just want to thank you for making such a great watch. many thanks.

… Mr. Skipper

I don’t really know who to place this positive feedback to MTM customer service, so I decided to write in here. I have placed an order on the February 24th, 2010 and received the watch on the 1st of March. The process took only about 5 days. It may seems all normal to all of you, only one thing, I lived in Bangkok, Thailand . Where every time I ordered something from the US, it take a month (literally) to get here even if I paid an arm and a leg on express shipping.You guys rock!!! I really don’t know what to say but you have gained a loyal customer.I hope this message gets to whoever was taking care of my order. Thanks again

… Bhanrawee Tantinirandr

I am a Denver Firefighter I purchased a watch from you about 5 years ago it works great. My chief liked it so much we tested it under heavy smoke and heat conditions. I was one of your best sales people demonstrating your watch and telling others about it.

… Toby Trujillo

I purchased a vulture watch in 2008. and I love it, this is by far the best watch I have ever purchased as it served me well in Afghanistan. Great watch guys!

… Kevin Smetter

Bought a Black Seal less than a month ago. What an awesome machine! I have been very satisfied with MTM regarding product, service, shipping, and attention to detail items like having the time preset when I opened it for the first time. Thanks!

… Mike H

I have just received my MTM black warrior watch, and just want to tell you that I am very happy with it.The craftsmanship is super, thank you for a very fine made watch.

…Horst Dambrows

A crisis of sorts erupted … here in the Pentagon… Nonetheless, What a truly beautiful instrument it is! By instrument I mean no ordinary watch. I can tell the design and precision machining that went into this. The face is excellent in terms of aesthetics and readability, particularly at night. I was also pleasantly surprised by the weight of it. I like a nice beefy and rugged watch instead of the cheap plastic Timex’s. I actually had a watch broken in the field. I was going over a Yugoslav M-84 Main Battle Tank in Kosovo in 99 when a hatch dropped onto my wrist. [It] banged me up pretty good and literally crushed the watch on my wrist. No breaks, just soft tissue damage, and of course no watch for the rest of the deployment. I have a chronometer in my office here that I got some years back and it keeps excellent time. I check regularly against the clocks at the Naval Observatory. So, I hacked your watch against my chronometer last week and it has been keeping perfect time since. I also love the camouflage pattern on it. Excellent. I have two boys and I told them that one of them will inherit the family’s class rings, and the other will get the watches. After seeing this watch, they are jockeying for who’s going to get the watches!! This is my deployment watch. I haven’t seen any other having the durability, toughness, and precision that this watch has. When I get out into the field again (hopefully soon!) I will send you pictures of the watch in whatever theater I’m in. So my sincerest thanks and you have my enduring appreciation.

…Lee Hall, U.S. Navy

I purchased a watch for my husband a couple of years ago and we had a could issues with it and your company was more than fair and we are so satisfied! Everyone I have talked to at your company has been very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks for standing behind your products. We look forward to purchasing more items from you in the future! You guys Rock!!!!!!

… Emily Richardson

I have a Spec Ops Hawk. It’s the most accurate watch I’ve ever owned. I’m just curious how long the rechargeable battery will last.

… Thomas J. Kennedy

Just to let you know, i received my silver warrior a couple of days ago and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. its even nicer than i hoped. keep up the good work.

… Joe Milazzo

Testimonial Part 4


MTM I recently received my first MTM Watch, the MTM Spec Ops Silencer – Black with the ballistic velcro band. It was a birthday present to replace my old Casio. Since then it has been my day to dya watch throughout my current tour in Afghanistan. i love the combination of Analog simplicity along with the digital alarm, stopwatch, and timer functions. The durabilitiy has been great. It handles my 12 hour plus work days and still looks just about brand new. The integrated LED flashight has also been a godsend at night as it means I don’t have to carry an extra flashlight in my already packed cargo pockets. I fully intend to get another one in silver for wearing with civilians and Class A dress uniforms. Very Respectfully,

… SSG Daniel J Haire

Imagine my surprise when my order followed your email by no more than two days — thank you for your unrivaled responsiveness. This was my first purchase from your company (and intended as a gift) but the combination of excellent workmanship and superior customer service suggests it will not prove to be my last. Thank you for affirming my commitment to buying USA assembled products, and demonstrating that if something can be done, we can do it best.

… Armen Carapetian

I have worn my MTM watch for a bit over six years – sometimes under harder conditions than I would have liked. I would like to know how to go about returning it to MTM for a check-up and cleaning. Thank you.

… Robert Pauly

I received my Black Air Stryk a few weeks ago and once again, I would like to express my satisfaction about your excellent customer service, quick order processing and shipping to Canada as well as for your watch quality. The watch is very sturdy, also accurate. It combines the analog look with very useful digital display and features (chrono, timer, week date, alarms, beeps, chimes and more). In the same time it has a very masculine look with a remarkable classy finish. In a certain light angle, the crystal has nice, surprising blue reflexes I have never seen to other watches. Now, my previous TAG Heuer lost his first place…

…Mihai Popescu

I purchased a Falcon and it has commanded considerable questions from my circle of associates. Not only is it easy to read but you can read it in any situation and even use it as a light for emergency situations. The complete manner in which it is charged as well as maintained is awesome. Wish I had it in the far east during the 60's. GREAT AND DEPENDABLE TIME PIECE

…Arthur Steffen

I would like to comment on your customer service. I would like to let you know that I called yesterday in need of a few parts for my watch. Ms. Dermigny, your customer service rep assisted me with my inquiries and did an excellent job. Ms. Dermigny was very polite and helpful throughout our contact yesterday and made me feel like my needs were very important to her and the MTM company. I have had my watch for over two years now and am still very satisfied with it. After yesterday I am even more pleased that I chose this product, knowing that your company has such great employees and customer service. Regards

…Nathan Ruiz

I have a Black Hawk.This has been a fantastic watch. I was sorry to see it get discontinued, as I had hoped to get another one day.This watch has been through hell and never skipped a beat. after so many years of taken a beating the finish on the band and a little on the case has worn off a bit. Can the watch be re plated? Thanks!

…David Miller

I have recently received my Black Patriot which I sent to you for repairing, cleaning and battery change. I would like to thank you very much for the excellent work performed as well as for the friendly and prompt customer service. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing new models of your watches!

…Mihai Popescu

Hello there I bought a Warrior (WRT655) about 5 years ago while in Iraq and love it. I am curious as to if I could get a camo Air Stryk but with a metal camo band? Thanks for the awesome pieces that you make. I always make sure and tell everybody about your products and get many questions about my warrior to this day. Thanks again.

…Gary Conover

You guys are awesome! I’ve bought 3 watches from you and love them. Get ask all the time where I bought them and I send them your way. Thanks for taking care of this repair. I appreciate you guys too!

…Tim David

I just wanted to express my thanks and cheers for an awesome, AWESOME watch! I just received my Vulture today and I friggin love it! My $12,000 Rolex just got relegated to my sock drawer. This watch is absolutely beautiful, and at the same time cool and cutting edge. I had it on less than an hour and someone asked me what brand of watch it was and if it was only for active Spec Ops. Thanks again guys! Great service and delivery and an absolute killer watch that I will cherish and add proudly to my collection

… Scott James

I’m very excited about my watch. I am also very impressed with your customer service and your coworkers as well. You all have been a pleasure to deal with, Thank You!

… Blake Newman

I just wanted to let you know that I got my watch back after the service was finished. I wanted to compliment you and your company for a very professional, smooth, and efficient process. I’m very happy with the work done and the rapid turn around time. Thanks again!!!

… Terry Robinson

I just received my watch in the mail today in Afghanistan! As usual and this being my second watch from SPECIAL OPS, Thank you for such an outstanding product!!! I know where to go when I want another one. Have a great day!

… Richard Mckay

I bought my father the Black Falcon watch in December 2006. He has had is on since the day he got it. It has been through Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world with him during the past few wars. He recently started working for Boeing in South Carolina. The watch has been bullet proof. A few days ago he was asking me if you can clean and polish the watch. He will be done for Christmas and I was wondering if you can clean it while he is here. Please contact me as needed. Thanks again.

… Cary Adams

Hi,I have a Black Patriot with the black face, I was wondering if it would be possible to get an orange face installed to replace the black one. I love the watch though, I took it over seas to Kenya where I represented a non profit and lived in country. I’ve taken it on countless hiking, hunting and scuba trips and it has worked every time. It puts up with the abuse I send it through. It stays on my wrist every minute of everyday.

… John Vogel

I recently received my MTM Silencer back from the repair department about a week ago. I just wanted to say thanks a million! They did a superb job with the watch, and it is like a new watch and then some! It is now definitely the finest and most useful watch I have ever owned. Please pass my thanks to the repair department!

… A.Venu

Just received my sons watch from MTM repair dept. All repairs made A-#1. Thank You Very Much! MTM Vulture THE BEST SPECIAL OPS WATCH ON EARTH!!! & (CLASS ACT Co.) A-#1

… Joseph Legarth

This is the second watch that I have purchased from MTM. The decision to purchase a second watch from your company was due to your fantastic service department. The first watch had a minor defect with the black coating; when I contacted our service department they called me back immediately and said to ship it to them. The watch was returned in such good condition that I had to check the serial number in order to confirm the watch had been repaired and not replaced. There are few companies today that realize how important good customer service is. Keep up the great work and you will have nothing but continued success. Great products and great customer service.

… Peter Maclean

Recently purchased and just received my Black Cobra and I love it. Thanks for making a quality product that ROCKS!!

… MSG Paul D. Wayfield

Well, as usual your company’s customer service has excelled. I will say I was very frustrated having the same problem twice and the watch failing prior to a business trip. You delivered the watch with in a week and replaced my old band with a brand new one. Thank you very much for getting this accomplished.

… Burke Roberts