Press News on 2011


Mulco's First Store

The Important Firm MULCO Watches has open his first MULCO Store. The opening was September 09 of 2011. In Rodeo Drive, The Beverly Center lead of Fashion. Mulco made an statement where the owner showed the collection 2011. He stated why he belongs in the biggest city of fashion. Surrounded by special guests sipped cocktails and nibbled light bites on the suites terrace where a lot of stars estrellas full of emotion, gave a warm welcome to this new house of Mulco.

E! Channel And Mulco

From May 30 to July 3 E! Entertainment Television returns to the hunt for a new face and charismatic, with his talent for the cameras, to steal the admiration of fans of show business and then shock the world of entertainment. Participants must join to participate

Kiara wears Mulco

Kiara returns to the music scene with a musical production full of surprises. Duets, unreleased tracks, their success is always reinforced and the screening of a video written and directed by famed playwright Martin Hahn, are some of the many wonders he has managed to concentrate on a project to which he has named: As my first time. For a couple of weeks and Radio promotion started on the radio the first single "Forgive me", a ballad of the renowned composer Alfredo Matheus Diez, Miami-based Venezuelan, creditor ASCAP awards for his 3 hits: "What price has the heaven "by Marc Anthony, "cry the Roses" of Cristian Castro and winner of five Grammys. "As my first time" will give us great duets with international exponents of music and recording studios are ready to unite in their cabins to the wonderful voice of Kiara with the Argentine Noel Schajris (formerly Sin Bandera) and Italian-Venezuelan singer-songwriter Franco De Vita, a sensual artist who has always professed a great admiration and fond memories that Sinatra when he produced and wrote the successful release me.