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Letterman is one of the pioneers in Malaysia's mail order industry, and we are committed to bring you the right product at the right price.

Our exclusive distribution of the USA products started when the company was looking to explore a new direction as part of the business expansion for our company profile at the same time, we are focus on bringing good brands with distinctive style such as class to accommodate the customer's needs.

  • 1. Jorg Gray

    Jorg Gray

    Creates timepieces that people love not only for design but also for the high level quality. We've been officially appointed by Jorg Gray Timepiece to trade in Malaysia since April 2010.

  • 2. MTM Special Ops

    MTM Special Ops

    A pioneer in supplying customized watched for corporations, military and police units worldwide. We have been officially appointed by MTM Special Ops Timepiece to trade in Malaysia since April 2011.

  • 3. Mulco


    Created the best timepiece one could ever wear; a fashionable yet unique collection of bold new models with playful vibrant colors, original textures and solid materials. We've been officially appointed by Mulco Timepiece to trade in Malaysia since July 2012.


We have built an enviable portfolio of brands and products. From the affordable to the luxurious – all delightful and all worth every cent.

  1. Watch Collections

    Our private labels watch collections are stunning timepieces that are inspired by the chic and fashionable world with a twist of elegance.

    • Philippe Renault

      Philippe Renault Our private labels watch collections are stunning timepieces that are inspired by the chic and fashionable world with a twist of elegance.

    • Karl Gustuv

      Karl Gustuv Carries a variation of stainless steel Gentlemen's watch collection, that are appropriate for office and outdoors activities.

  2. Watch organizers & Winders

    Exclusively for collectors, we've created a variety of products that are sure to accommodate the collector's needs to organize their treasured collectable items.

    • Bello & Beo

      Bello & Beo Buying and owning jewelry is one of the best perks of being a woman, so does a man’s love for watches, pen, cufflinks and personal accessories.

      With all those precious jewelries and/or high-quality watches you owned today, are they being showcased in quality and organize case. Why hide your collection away in a drawer when you can keep it just as safe and artfully displayed on your dresser, side table, or night stand? It's your collections; show it off with any of our beautiful yet functional watch & jewelry boxes.

      Our Bello & Beo collection not just stops there with an assortment of watch boxes, jewellery boxes, and travel size bags… We also have luxury watch winder for automatic watch owner to keep your favorite watches running smoothly and ready to wear. Choose from adjustable models with speed and direction controls, modular systems that grow as you acquire new watches, or winders with drawers for keep cufflinks and other accessories all in one place.

  3. Jewellery

    Our fashionable exclusive lines of jewellery are meticulously designed to accentuate one's style for all events.

    • Izarra

      Izarra It's our newly launched brand that carries high quality, and stylish silver fashion jewellery.

    • Vissa

      Vissa A private label that carries a mix range collection, crafted in a variety of jewellery metals from copper, stainless steel, to titanium.

    • Kenkou

      Kenkou It is an exclusive line of beautifully crafted stainless steel and titanium accessories that consist therapeutic functions.


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